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3 Things to Remember if You Were Injured at Work

3 Things to Remember if You Were Injured at Work

The current U.S. laws governing compensation for people injured while at work grew out of 19th century labor reforms. During the Industrial Revolution, millions of people took on dangerous occupations. When they were injured at work, they generally had a choice of continuing to work through their injuries, or losing their jobs. Too poor to […]

New York Workers’ Compensation Guide

New York Workers' Compensation Guide

Justice doesn’t sleep. We’re here to help.  We don’t need to have physical contact to get you immediate help.  We offer virtual assistance via live chat, email, text, phone and video conference.  Contact our experienced Buffalo workers compensation lawyers for legal help.  Being injured at work can stir up enough stress and emotions for a […]

Three Risks of Settling a Workers’ Compensation Case in New York

settling workers compensation claims

When you’re suffering from a work-related injury, you want relief as soon as possible. You’re worried about your health, but also worried about getting back to your job. You’re worried about getting the workers compensation you’re entitled to. Even small delays in your recovery or in communications with your employers’ insurance can seem to take […]

What Should I Do If I Am Hurt at Work?

Hurt at Work

When someone gets hurt at work, it’s always important to report the injury to your employer as quickly as possible. Although every workplace is different, the best approach is to give the employer written notice as soon as possible. However, that notice satisfies only what we call the notice requirement. It does not satisfy the […]