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Eviction Notices for Lease Violations

Eviction Notices for Lease Violations

Renting is the new trend in Buffalo, with rental prices and the percentage of renters within city limits slowly but steadily trickling upwards. With the renewed interest in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area, landlords can now select from a wider range of potential tenants in order to fill rental units, and they need not worry […]

How Bankruptcy Can Help You

How Bankruptcy Can Help You | Bankruptcy Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

The phrase “file for bankruptcy” can spark a shudder or a cold sweat in most of us who hear it. This is because bankruptcy has a negative connotation: it implies that a person has lost all her or his money and perhaps that this may have happened because of poor fortune or even poorer choices. […]

New York Bankruptcy Guide

The New York Bankruptcy Law and Debt Relief Guide

Debt Reset On Your Terms: The New York Bankruptcy Guide When you have way too much debt and can’t escape its grip, you have a legal option to free yourself.  Attorney Michael Barrett is an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Buffalo and has created The New York Bankruptcy Guide to help you understand the options you have […]

Choosing The Right Buffalo Bankruptcy Attorney

Buffalo Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’re facing the tough decision to declare bankruptcy, you could use an ally. You did the best you could, but circumstances, and then your finances, got out of your control. You might be worrying that this is the end of your financial portfolio, and feeling that you don’t have enough say in your own […]