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Buffalo Attorney Explains Workers Compensation

Were you or a loved one injured at work? Watch this video by Buffalo Workers Compensation Attorney Jerry A. Gambino where he explains workers compensation and what’s important to know about work injuries in New York State. 

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  • A general overview of workers’ comp would be: it pays a percentage of wages as long the disability lasts, covers all medical treatment related to the accident, (including mileage to and from the doctor), and it pays a specified amount for permanent injuries to certain body parts once you reach your best possible recovery level – referred to as reaching maximum medical improvement.
  • We obtain opinions for the scheduled loss of use for the affected body part, which corresponds with a dollar amount which is reduced by the amount of benefits previously paid.
  • You receive a lump sum scheduled loss award, and are still protected for treatment necessitated by your accident.
  • That’s basically what workers’ comp is. It doesn’t pay for pain and suffering or punitive damages.

Download Our Free Workers Compensation Guide

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