Dischargeable Debts

If you are going through a bankruptcy, you will be dealing with dischargeable debts.  Watch this video by Buffalo Bankruptcy Attorney Michael F. Barrett for guidance. If you are considering bankruptcy, or would like to learn more about the process, contact our office for dedicated representation. We welcome the opportunity to help you on your road to financial recovery.

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  • In the context of bankruptcy, the term “dischargeable debts” means that, once a debt is discharged, you’re no longer legally obligated to pay it.
  • Most debts are dischargeable, including credit card balances, medical fees, and vehicle deficiency debt.
  • The most common non-dischargeable debts are student loans, recent taxes, and child or spousal support.

Download Our Free Bankruptcy Law Guide

Are you drowning in debt and considering bankruptcy? Learn how a bankruptcy can help you get back on the road to financial recovery using dischargeable debts that you will no longer be required to pay. Contact our dedicated Buffalo bankruptcy attorneys today for a confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you.

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