Medical Marijuana and Workers’ Comp

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Workers’ Compensation insurance complicates the issue of medical marijuana, but to give a short answer, you are covered for medical marijuana as a part of your Workers’ Compensation case. That being said, there are some additional steps you have to take before a Workers’ Compensation judge will approve your prescription for medical marijuana.

First, you have to be licensed to receive medical marijuana. Second, your doctor has to be licensed to prescribe medical marijuana in New York State. Third, you have to show why medical marijuana would be right for you in this case, whether it be chronic pain or opiate use. You need to fall into one of these categories before you can be licensed to receive medical marijuana. Fourth, your doctor has to file a form called an MG-2, which is a variance from the medical treatment guidelines under the Workers’ Compensation Law. If you meet all of these requirements, you may be entitled to receive medical marijuana and have it approved in front of a judge.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured because of a work injury and have questions about medical marijuana and workers’ compensation, contact our experienced Buffalo workers’ compensation attorneys for a legal consultation.

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