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If you’re reading this page, chances are good that you own a business or want to start one. Many business owners and owners-to-be often view the law as a hurdle to achieving their goals, with attorneys always telling them what they can or cannot do. Business lawyers should be allies, not obstacles. At Cole, Sorrentino, Hurley, Hewner, & Gambino, P.C., we understand this sentiment and want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Our mission is not to tell you what your business can or cannot do (although it’s inevitable that we’ll have to do this on occasion), but work with you to achieve your strategic business objectives while complying with the law. No matter what stage of growth your business is in, we can help you in all facets, from obtaining necessary funding to licensing, company formation, or even dissolution. Our experienced business law professionals represent a wide range of business entities and individuals in Buffalo and the surrounding areas. We also offer a variety of services that can help you accomplish your business ambitions. Cole, Sorrentino, Hurley, Hewner & Gambino, P.C., has been advising business law clients for over 45 years. Whether you are just starting your company and need help with setting up the business, or you need assistance with the drafting and review of contracts, our attorneys can assist you.

Buffalo Business Lawyers for Startups and New Businesses

Most of the largest and most successful business enterprises have to start small. We can help you from the very beginning. We can advise you on how to raise capital and deal with tax consequences and any other start-up issues you may face. One of the biggest considerations is what business entity form to take. New York offers its citizens a wide range of business forms, including corporations, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages with respect to tax liability, legal liability, costs, and level of control. We’ll take the time to listen to what your precise needs may be, even if you don’t quite know what they are yourself, and advise you on which form is the best fit for your goals.

Buffalo Business Lawyers for Well Established Businesses

When your business is in full swing, you may still need the services of a business lawyer. Whether it’s making a business acquisition, negotiating a contract,or setting up a licensing agreement, it’s best to have an attorney to help with potential legal issues while you focus on the operation of your business. Business litigation is one especially notable reason for needing a business lawyer. Hiring an attorney isn’t cheap, especially when required for a commercial lawsuit. We fully appreciate the balance between what’s at stake and the cost of litigating, as well as the desire to preserve business relationships. Therefore, we will help you resolve your business conflict as efficiently and carefully as possible.

Buffalo Business Lawyers for Closing a Business

Many businesses will eventually end. Owners and officers retire, pass away, or no longer want to work together. Whatever the reason may be, our firm will help with the business dissolution process and the dividing and distribution of assets. When a business ends under contentious circumstances, legal counsel is even more important. Even when all the business owners and relevant parties are in agreement, it takes a skilled and knowledgeable business lawyer to pay attention to the necessary details and steer business owners through the dissolution process.

Business Law Issues We Handle

The attorneys at Cole, Sorrentino, Hurley, Hewner, & Gambino, P.C., are extremely capable of counseling you on preventing legal problems before they arise as well as resolving legal problems that end up in court. Our law firm advises companies with all aspects of business law, including the following:

Business Litigation Services

– Protecting existing legal rights – Intellectual property disputes – Commercial real estate disputes – Breach of contract – Business torts – Shareholder disputes – Business divorce

Contract Formation and Negotiation

  • Contract preparation, analysis and counseling
  • Licensing agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Lease agreements
  • Buy-Sell agreements

Employment Law

  • Non-compete and nondisclosure agreements
  • Employee and independent contractor agreements

Business Formation and Creation

  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Planning, including succession plans
  • Reorganization
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Business Finances

  • Bankruptcy counseling
  • Raising capital
  • Tax planning
  • Equity securities
  • Debt financing
This list represents just some of our business law services. Regardless of your legal needs, we recognize that you’ve got a business to run, so we’ll do our best to work as seamlessly and effectively as possible while keeping your bottom line in mind. Attorney Thomas F. Hewner is a licensed certified public accountant, and brings a wealth of experience from outside the legal arena that translates into effective business solutions. Developing a thorough knowledge of your business goals, in order to understand the legal and economic challenges you face, is a top priority for our law firm. We look forward to meeting you, working with you and being a part of your success story.

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The Buffalo business lawyers at Cole, Sorrentino, Hurley, Hewner, & Gambino, P.C., are eager to help you with your business questions and issues. Contact us online or call us to discuss your business law issues with one of our lawyers. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. We offer flexible appointment schedules and Spanish-speaking services if necessary.

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