Losing Your Job and Health Insurance During a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Are you worried about losing your job and possibly even your health insurance during a workers’ compensation claim? Check out this short video by Buffalo Workers Compensation Lawyer Jerry A. Gambino for guidance. If you have questions about your workers compensation claim, please contact us to schedule a consultation. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Download Our Free Workers’ Comp Guide
  • Many people think they are protected from loss of their jobs and health insurance because their injuries occurred at work, but that’s not the case.
  • People often lose their jobs because of being unable to work because of their workers compensation injury.
  • The Family Medical Leave Act maintains an injured employee’s health insurance for 12 weeks. If you are still out and disabled after that, you can lose your health insurance and your job.
  • The Family Medical Leave Act applies only to employers with more than 50 employees so, if you work for a small employer, you may find yourself losing your job much sooner than 12 weeks.
Download Our Free Workers’ Comp Guide