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Child Custody and Relocation

Can You Relocate to Another State if You Have Sole Custody of the Children?

Did you get a new job, and want to move out of state with your kids?  Check out this video by Donna L. Haslinger, experienced Buffalo Child Custody Attorney to learn more about child custody and relocation and the limitations of sole custody. If you have questions about a family law matter, please contact us to schedule a consultation. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Download Our Free Family Law Guide
  • Sole custody does not give one parent license to relocate outside the current geographical area, and the court considers any move that affects the time children spend with the other parent as a relocation which requires a court order.
  • If you apply for such an order, the court will consider your reasons for wanting to move and how the children’s ability to see the other parent will be affected.
  • Obviously, the farther the contemplated move, the more difficult it will be to demonstrate that you can maintain the same level of access between the children and the other parent.
  • Alternatively, if the other parent has sought only very little contact with the children, that will probably work in your favor.
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