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Do I Have to Go to Court for a Divorce in Buffalo?

Are you considering filing for divorce in Buffalo but are worried you will have to appear in court to finalize it?  Watch this video by Buffalo Divorce Attorney Donna L. Haslinger for guidance. If you have questions about your divorce or family law matter, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Let our experience work for you. Download Our Free Family Law Guide
  • Nearly half of all divorces settle outside of court, and starting the process does not necessarily mean you must go to court.
  • Most lawyers try to keep as many cases as possible out of court by negotiating agreements and settling the case without the need for court appearances.
  • When people can reach an agreement, we can proceed “on papers,” which simply means you can sign everything outside of a courtroom. Then, the papers are processed and you never set foot in the courthouse.
  • Sometimes a court appearance is necessary and can be helpful if you reach a point where things are not moving forward by providing assistance in obtaining temporary relief on some issues.
  • A court appearance can be very helpful, and the process shouldn’t intimidate you.
Download Our Free Family Law Guide Do you have questions about whether or not you are required to go to court for a divorce in New York? Contact our Buffalo divorce lawyers for compassionate representation.

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