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Equitable Distribution in a Divorce

How Are Assets Divided in a Divorce in New York?

  Equitable distribution in a divorce can be very confusing to people going through the process because marital property is not split 50/50.  Find out why, in this video by Buffalo Equitable Distribution Lawyer Donna L. Haslinger. If you have questions about how your assets will be divided in a divorce, please contact us to schedule a consultation. Let our experience work for you.
  • New York State’s equitable distribution law dictates division of assets and debt.
  • The law views everything acquired during the marriage as subject to fair, but not necessarily equal, division.
  • The law applies to all assets and debt acquired during the marriage, regardless of title.
  • Four categories of property, considered separate property, are not subject to division.
  • Separate property may include: assets owned before marriage, inheritances, gifts from a third party, or proceeds of a personal injury lawsuit.
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