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How To Sell Your House

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Are you preparing to sell your house and have questions about how to go about the process? Watch this educational video by Buffalo Real Estate Attorney Richard H. Cole for advice on how to sell your house.
  • When you consider selling your house, the first and foremost, thing to do is select a realtor with whom you are comfortable and discuss the necessary steps to begin the process.
  • That realtor will gather information about recent comparable sales for you to consider as you and the realtor set an appropriate price at which to list your house.
  • You should gather such important legal documents as the title search, survey, tax receipts, and mortgage statement you may have. Assemble a year’s worth of utility bills and give the information to your realtor. During open houses, that gives people an idea of what those costs might be associated if they decide to purchase your home.
  • Determine if there are repairs to be completed before listing the house. You may want to put a fresh coat of paint on something or do other things to add curb appeal and maximize your home’s perceived value.
  • You may also choose to speak with your attorney and gain an understanding of the real estate transaction itself before entering into a contract, during the contract, and what happens at the end of the transaction.
Download Our Free Real Estate Guide

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