The First Step in the Divorce Process

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In this video, Buffalo Divorce Lawyer Donna L. Haslinger explains what you need to know about taking the first step in the divorce process. If you are contemplating divorce, contact us today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated family law attorney. Let our experience work for you.

  • If you’re contemplating a divorce, your first goal is to select your attorney.
  • Advice from co-workers, friends, or relatives who might have been through a divorce is of little value, because every situation is unique.
  • Meeting with an attorney ensures that you receive guidance tailored to your situation.
  • For a fee of $150, I offer a consultation which includes a personal meeting during which you will receive an overview of relevant New York State law, guidance in selecting options for how to proceed, and an estimate of the amount of my retainer.
  • That initial fee will probably be the best money you spend because it will give you an opportunity to learn about divorce law and unload some of the stress in your situation.

Download Our Free Family Law Guide

Out of Town Legal Resources

We help people considering divorce in Western New York, but we are constantly looking for attorneys and quality online resources that can help people in other parts of the country. We found these divorce attorneys in Phoenix, AZ that created a lot of great online educational resources. If you or a friend live in Arizona and are considering divorce check out their Phoenix Divorce Guide.

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