3 Real Estate Questions

Are you looking for a real estate lawyer? Check out these 3 real estate questions, then contact our Buffalo lawyers to get started today.

1. How Can a Real Estate Attorney Help Me in a Transaction?

  • 3 Real Estate QuestionsWhether you are a buyer or a seller, your attorney will assist you from the time you enter the contract all the way through the closing and beyond. Once your attorney receives the contract, he will reach out to you to discuss the contract and its terms, assess your personal situation – whether you will be selling, buying, or renting a home, and whether you’re coming from out of state or moving out of state – to understand how to assist you.
  • Following that conversation, the attorney can prepare the attorney approval letter under the terms of the contract. Then, depending upon whether they’re helping you buy or sell, they’ll pursue the next steps.
  • If you’re the seller, they will ask you to gather and provide certain documents. If you are the purchaser, the next step is the title examination and communication with you about the terms of your mortgage.
  • Your attorney should educate you on the contract, the flow of the contract, any significant or unusual terms, and your obligations under the terms of the agreement.

2. The Professionals Involved in a Real Estate Transaction?

  • Whether you are a buyer or a seller, several professionals will be working with you as you move through your real estate transaction.
  • If you are a seller, you will have a realtor, an attorney, and a surveyor, as well as a title insurance company that will be retained by your attorney.
  • As a buyer, you will work with a lender, a loan broker, a realtor, a home inspector, an attorney, and an insurance agent.
  • Each person has a different role, but the bottom line is that these professionals should work together to assist you – communicating regularly to make sure you are protected and alleviating any stress you have relating to your transaction.

3. Why Do I Need a Real Estate Broker?

  • Retaining a real estate broker to help you with the sale or purchase of a home gives you access to their expertise in several important areas.
  • They can offer guidance to sellers in establishing a sale price or to buyers in arriving at a purchase price to offer on a house they may want to purchase.
  • That realtor can also share knowledge about various neighborhoods where buyers may consider purchasing and the availability of specific types of homes based on input the buyer’s needs and preferences.

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