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Choosing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Choosing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Choosing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Are you thinking about choosing chapter 7 bankruptcy? You probably have a lot of questions about how this works. Here is what you should know before calling our office. Choosing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | Eligibility Debtors who have already filed for Chapter 7 cannot file again for eight years. And debtors […]

How to Survive Bankruptcy

How to Survive Bankruptcy

How to Survive Bankruptcy Are you wondering how to survive bankruptcy? A common misconception is that bankruptcy is going to ruin your life. In fact, it might be the best step you can take to changing your life for the better. How to Survive Bankruptcy | The Dos and Don’ts of Bankruptcy When considering filing […]

Considering Bankruptcy

Considering Bankruptcy

Considering Bankruptcy If you are considering bankruptcy, you may have a lot of questions. Here is what you need to know before meeting with an attorney. Considering Bankruptcy | Dischargeable Debts In considering bankruptcy, you may have come across the term, “dischargeable debt.”  The term simply means that, once a debt is discharged, you’re no […]

Bankruptcy Advice

Bankruptcy Advice

Bankruptcy Advice If you are in deep financial trouble, you may be desperately looking for bankruptcy advice. Our Buffalo lawyers have the experience to guide you through the legal process. Bankruptcy Advice | The Dos and Don’ts of Bankruptcy When considering filing for bankruptcy, people often wonder what they should or shouldn’t do. The first […]

Life Following Bankruptcy

Life Following Bankruptcy Buffalo Debt Relief Lawyer Attorney

Bankruptcy can be stressful. Especially if you have questions about life following bankruptcy. Life Following Bankruptcy | Reestablishing Credit If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, one of your main concerns is probably how long will it take to reestablish your credit. The good news is that it will not take very long. The bad news […]

5 Bankruptcy Questions

5 Bankruptcy Questions Buffalo Bankruptcy Lawyers Attorneys

5 Bankruptcy Questions If you need to file for bankruptcy, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There may be a lot of worries that you are dealing with. Here are answers to five bankruptcy questions. Bankruptcy Questions: Can I Keep My Car and House in a Bankruptcy? Perhaps the most common concern for people considering bankruptcy […]

How Bankruptcy Can Help You

How Bankruptcy Can Help You | Bankruptcy Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

The phrase “file for bankruptcy” can spark a shudder or a cold sweat in most of us who hear it. This is because bankruptcy has a negative connotation: it implies that a person has lost all her or his money and perhaps that this may have happened because of poor fortune or even poorer choices. […]

New York Bankruptcy Guide

The New York Bankruptcy Law and Debt Relief Guide

Debt Reset On Your Terms: The New York Bankruptcy Guide When you have way too much debt and can’t escape its grip, you have a legal option to free yourself.  Attorney Michael Barrett is an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Buffalo and has created The New York Bankruptcy Guide to help you understand the options you have […]

Choosing The Right Buffalo Bankruptcy Attorney

Buffalo Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’re facing the tough decision to declare bankruptcy, you could use an ally. You did the best you could, but circumstances, and then your finances, got out of your control. You might be worrying that this is the end of your financial portfolio, and feeling that you don’t have enough say in your own […]