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4 Workers’ Compensation Tips

4 Workers' Compensation Tips

If you’ve been injured at work and have questions, read about our 4 workers’ compensation tips. Contact our Buffalo lawyers to get started. 1. Losing Your Job and Health Insurance Many people think they are protected from loss of their jobs and health insurance because their injuries occurred at work, but that’s not the case. […]

Filing for Workers’ Comp? Here’s What You Need To Do

Filing for Workers' Comp Here's What You Need To Do

Are you filing for workers’ comp? Here’s what you need to do: read this educational article, then contact our Buffalo lawyers to get started. What You Need to Know About Workers’ Comp A general overview of workers’ comp would be: it pays a percentage of wages as long the disability lasts, covers all medical treatment […]

5 Workers’ Comp Tips That May Help Your Case

5 Workers' Comp Tips That May Help Your Case

Did you get injured at work and need legal help? Read our 5 workers’ comp tips that may help your case, then contact our Buffalo attorneys. 1) Scheduled Loss Workers’ compensation contemplates two types of injuries – schedulable injuries and non-schedulable injuries. Schedulable injuries affect the toes, feet, legs, fingers, hands, arms, eyes and ears. […]

Buffalo Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Buffalo Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Did you get hurt at work and are seeking legal assistance for workers’ comp? Contact our Buffalo workers’ comp lawyer to get started today! Getting injured at work is stressful and can interfere with your ability to do your job. The loss of income that results can be financially devastating to both an employee and […]

What You Should Know About Your Workers’ Comp Claim

What You Should Know About Your Workers' Comp Claim

Have you been injured on the job? Learn what you should know about your workers’ comp claim here. Then, call our Buffalo attorneys today. Injured At Work If you get hurt at work, always report the injury to your employer as quickly as possible. Every workplace is different, but the best approach is to immediately […]

4 Workers’ Compensation Facts

4 Workers' Compensation Facts

Did you get hurt on the job and have questions? Check out these 4 workers’ compensation facts, then call our Buffalo lawyers to get started. 1. Loss of Wage Earning Capacity Caps is a term used in workers compensation for all neck, back, head injuries incurred after March of 2007. Typically, you will not continue […]