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Work Injuries Compensation

Work Injuries Compensation Injury Lawyers Defense Attorneys

Work Injuries Compensation If you been injured at work, you may be worried about how you are going to manage things financially, especially if you’re unable to work. Work injuries are something that can be compensated for. What Should I Do If I Get Work Injuries? When someone gets hurt at work, it’s always important […]

Job Related Injury

Job Related Injury

Injuries sustained while at work often entitle the injured parties to financial recovery through the workers’ compensation program. If you have suffered a job related injury due to a hazardous condition in your place of work, be sure to watch attorney Jerry A. Gambino’s video below on how to file a workers’ compensation claim. Download […]

How To Settle a Workers Compensation Claim

How To Settle a Workers Compensation Claim

Those who work in fields such as construction, plumbing, manufacturing, transportation, and medicine are exposed to hazards on a daily basis, and any one of these dangerous conditions could imperil a worker’s life, health, and safety if something goes awry. Workers’ compensation was developed and implemented in order to protect workers in these industries as […]

New York Workers Compensation Law Proposed Changes

New York Workers Compensation

The following educational video was created by Buffalo Workers’ Comp Attorney Jerry Gambino, and will explain the proposed changes on scheduled loss injuries for New York Workers Compensation law beginning in January 2018.   Download Our Free Workers Compensation Guide

Employee Work Injury

Employee Work Injury Buffalo Worker's Compensation Lawyers

Every job bears with it the risk of a work injury, but some lines of work carry greater risks than others. The workforce in industries such as transportation, construction, and manufacturing experiences injuries at an elevated rate due to automobile collisions, mechanical malfunctions, and unsafe conditions. Workers who have sustained injuries while on the job […]

7 Tips for Workers’ Comp

7 Tips for Workers' Comp

Seeking Workers’ Compensation? Here Are 7 Facts You Should Know. All Western New Yorkers know that our vital roles in the workforce are what propel our great state forward every single day. Educators, construction workers, nurses, chefs, clerks, engineers, and those in all other professions provide the solid foundation upon which our society is built. As […]

Workers Comp Questions

Questions You Need to Ask Your Worker's Compensation Attorney

Questions You Need to Ask Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney Sustaining an injury is never a part of any job description. But workplace injuries happen. Most unfortunately, those who suffer injuries or develop chronic illnesses at the workplace stand to lose a considerable portion or all of their income. Additionally, their health and well-being suffers. Furthermore, […]

The Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Buffalo

The Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Buffalo

Learn More About Workers’ Compensation Claims in Buffalo, NY Getting sick or hurt is sufficiently unpleasant. Throw in the strain of filing a workers’ comp claim, a dash of income loss and a sprig or two of growing medical bills and voila…pandemonium!  One of Ben Franklin’s pithier aphorisms compares the impermanence of suffering to the […]

3 Things to Remember if You Were Injured at Work

3 Things to Remember if You Were Injured at Work

The current U.S. laws governing compensation for people injured while at work grew out of 19th century labor reforms. During the Industrial Revolution, millions of people took on dangerous occupations. When they were injured at work, they generally had a choice of continuing to work through their injuries, or losing their jobs. Too poor to […]

New York Workers’ Compensation Guide

New York Workers' Compensation Guide

Justice doesn’t sleep. We’re here to help.  We don’t need to have physical contact to get you immediate help.  We offer virtual assistance via live chat, email, text, phone and video conference.  Contact our experienced Buffalo workers compensation lawyers for legal help.  Being injured at work can stir up enough stress and emotions for a […]