Child Custody Tips

Are you going through the divorce process and have questions about child custody? Read this article to learn some child custody tips and give us a call.

Child Custody TipsChild Custody for Unmarried Parents

  • Unmarried people who have children together want to know their rights regarding child custody.
  • The rights of unmarried parents are basically the same as those of married couples.
  • Cases involving unmarried parents will most likely be heard in Family Court.

How Judges Determine Custody

  • Custody decisions are based on many factors, especially the best interest of the children.
  • Discuss your specific custody situation with your attorney and learn what the courts will and will not consider in deciding where your children will live.
  • One of the court’s most important considerations when trying to determine custody is whether or not the parent seeking custody can successfully facilitate a relationship between the children and the other parent.
  • Willful interference with that essential relationship will reflect poorly with the court and may cause custody to be granted to the other parent.
  • Custody is a very complex area, so review your history with your attorney and choose the best course to move forward.

Do you have questions about child custody? Don’t leave it up to the courts to decide on these important decisions for you. Contact our dedicated Buffalo child custody lawyers today for a confidential consultation after reading these child custody tips. We welcome the opportunity to help you and your family reach the resolution you want.

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