Dealing with Tax Issues

Dealing with Tax Issues

Dealing with taxes can often be a stressful and overwhelming process, but an experienced Buffalo tax lawyer can help ease your burden. Here are some important things you should know when it comes to dealing with tax issues.

Dealing with Tax Issues | Handling IRS & NYS Taxation

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service or the New York State Tax Commission can be a difficult process for most people. Not only are the laws and issues often incomprehensible, but the bureaucracy can be overwhelming as well. Confronting these without the assistance our experienced Buffalo tax lawyers could be disastrous.

Facing a tax controversy will be stressful, especially since the penalties and interest may continue to add up for every day you are unable to resolve it. Add the fact that many tax issues arrive completely out of the blue and you had no idea you were doing anything wrong to begin with, and you have yourself a legal problem that requires immediate and decisive legal assistance.

Dealing with Tax Issues | Common Tax Issues

In addition to helping you prepare and file your personal IRS and NYS tax returns, you may also need help with the following tax areas:

  • Goods & Services
  • Income
  • Employee benefits, including fringe benefits
  • Estate tax issues, including trusts
  • Conveyances
  • Commercial issues
  • Employment withholding and payroll taxes
  • Business and corporate taxes
  • Sales taxes
  • Property taxes
  • Marriage tax matters
  • Property and business sales, acquisitions and transfers
  • Local and city taxes

Dealing with Tax Issues | Hiring a Lawyer

The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies especially to tax problems. You will need a lawyer who takes pride in counseling clients on tax matters and looking at the big picture to help clients achieve their goals, assisting with audits and complying with relevant tax laws. If you or your organization are about to make a significant decision or take a big step, it may be wise to have our award-winning tax attorneys review your situation to develop the most effective strategy to minimize your tax liabilities and make sure there are no tax surprises. We can not only help avoid tax controversies in the first place, but also save you money on your tax obligations.

But adages often come too late. When you face a tax problem that you didn’t foresee, we are prepared to help. We understand that while you want a tax controversy to go away as quickly and easily as possible, you don’t want to pay any more than necessary. We know how to find the right balance between resolving the problem and having you pay too much.

If you need assistance dealing with tax issues, please contact our experienced Buffalo tax lawyers today to schedule a legal consultation.

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