People Who Can Help with Real Estate

People Who Can Help with Real Estate

Regardless of what end you are in real estate, you can benefit from having a great group of people surrounding you. These are the people who can help with real estate ventures.

People Who Can Help with Real Estate | Your Team

As with any serious job, it’s important to know you’ve assembled the right team to help you through your real estate transaction. If you’re a young person moving into a new apartment, you might have a group of friends coming over to lift boxes and paint the walls. If you’re a newly married couple buying a first home, you’re a tight-knit team of two – though you probably have parents, cousins, friends, aunts, and uncles helping in various ways, watching children, bringing over food and housewarming presents, and giving you advice (maybe too much advice!) about the joys – and headaches – of homeownership. If you’re a real estate investor, regularly buying, refurbishing, and selling properties, your team is probably an extended network – you have a “plumbing guy,” an “HVAC guy,” a “tax guy,” and so on.

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People Who Can Help with Real Estate | Who is Needed for What

If you’re moving toward a real estate transaction, you may already have a trusted team assembled – but be sure not to leave out any key players. An experienced attorney will be indispensable in navigating the legal issues of real estate.

If you’re a seller, you’ll have a:

  • Realtor
  • Attorney
  • Surveyor
  • Title insurance company retained by your attorney

If you’re a buyer, you’ll have a:

  • Lender
  • Loan broker
  • Realtor
  • Home inspector
  • Attorney
  • Insurance agent

All of these individuals are experts in their respective areas, but don’t forget that you lead the team. These professionals should be communicating regularly and working together to assist you.

People Who Can Help with Real Estate | How Attorneys Help

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, your attorney will assist you from the time you enter the contract all the way through the closing and beyond. Once your attorney receives the contract, he or she will reach out to you to discuss the contract and its terms, assess your personal situation – whether you will be selling, buying, or renting a home, and whether you’re coming from out of state or moving out of state – to understand how to assist you. Following that conversation, the attorney can prepare the attorney approval letter under the terms of the contract. They next steps depend on whether you’re buying or selling.

If you’re the seller, your attorney will ask you to gather certain documents. If you are the purchaser, the next step is the title examination and a discussion about the terms of your mortgage. Your attorney should advise you about the contract, including the timeline of the transaction, any significant or unusual terms, and your obligations under the terms of the agreement.

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