Uncontested Divorce in New York

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Do you and your spouse agree on the terms of a divorce? In this video, Buffalo Divorce Attorney Donna L. Haslinger discusses the uncontested divorce process and it’s benefits. If you are considering divorce, contact our office to schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. 

  • People often call to request an appointment to discuss an uncontested divorce.
  • The term, uncontested, applies only to cases in which one spouse is not present, not appearing in the divorce, or has withdrawn all opposition to the divorce.
  • Clients sometimes think their case will be uncontested, simply because both sides are in general agreement; however, during the course of actually formalizing the divorce, that may change.
  • You may resolve your case and reach an agreement in short order, but that is not, strictly speaking, an uncontested divorce.
  • If you can’t find your spouse and are certain they will make no appearance in the court proceeding, yours may, in fact, be a true uncontested divorce.

Download Our Free Family Law Guide

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We primarily help people in New York, but we are constantly looking for attorneys and quality online resources that can help people in other parts of the country. We found these attorneys in Pensacola, FL that help with family law issues and they created a lot of great online educational resources. If you live in Florida and are considering divorce check out their online divorce resources.

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