What Does Joint Custody Mean?

Would you like to know if joint child custody really is 50/50 access for parents? Check out this video, then call our Buffalo attorneys today.

  • Joint child custody does not mean parents will be sharing time with the children equally.
  • Joint custody assumes parents will work together, but does not assume a 50/50 schedule.
  • Most joint custody situations have one parent designated as the primary residential parent whose home is the children’s primary address.
  • An access schedule may or may not provide for the children to spend 50% of their time with the other parent.
  • Time with the other parent may be based on the children’s needs and ages, as well as the parents’ work schedules.

Watch this educational legal video by our experienced attorney, Donna L. Haslinger, to learn if joint child custody really is 50/50 access for parents. Contact our Buffalo Child Custody Attorneys to schedule a confidential consultation and case evaluation immediately

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