3 Workers Compensation Facts

Were you injured on the job and have questions about workers compensation? Check out these 3 workers compensation facts and call our office today for a legal consultation.

3 Workers Compensation Facts1. Medical Bills Paid by Workers’ Compensation

  • Generally, the workers compensation carrier pays for all medical treatment related to injuries caused by a work-related accident or disease.
  • The workers compensation board works through medical treatment guidelines that set forth covered treatments .
  • If your doctor wants to prescribe treatment not addressed in those guidelines, he must apply for a variance to those guidelines using an MG-2 form which explains why the treatment is needed.

2. Attending a Workers’ Comp Hearing

  • When clients ask whether they need to attend hearings, we tell them that we prefer that our clients attend their hearings to see for themselves what the judge is considering when it comes to their claim.
  • We also want them to observe the process first-hand.
  • If you’re working or simply cannot go to the hearing, we will take care of it; however, in most cases, we would rather have you at the hearing.

3. Losing Your Job and Health Insurance During a Workers’ Comp Claim

  • Many people think they are protected from loss of their jobs and health insurance because their injuries occurred at work, but that’s not the case.
  • People often lose their jobs because of being unable to work because of their workers compensation injury.
  • The Family Medical Leave Act maintains an injured employee’s health insurance for 12 weeks. If you are still out and disabled after that, you can lose your health insurance and your job.
  • The Family Medical Leave Act applies only to employers with more than 50 employees so, if you work for a small employer, you may find yourself losing your job much sooner than 12 weeks.

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