3 Workers Compensation Tips

Were you injured at work and have questions about workers’ comp? Read these 3 workers compensation tips, then give our Buffalo office a call.

1) Denied Workers Compensation Claims

  • 3 Workers Compensation TipsWhen a case is denied by the workers compensation carrier, we sat that case has been controverted and no weekly workers compensation benefits will be paid.
  • We help our client apply for New York State disability benefits which enable an injured employee to receive New York State disability benefits while their workers compensation claim is being controverted.
  • If the claim is successful, the workers compensation carrier must reimburse the New York State disability benefits carrier. Meanwhile, these benefits help pay the bills while your case is being controverted and pushed through the workers compensation system.

2) Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation

  • People can receive workers compensation benefits and Social Security concurrently; however, the two standards of disability are different.
  • People receiving workers compensation benefits are often denied Social Security disability, although some people do receive both.
  • In addition to the injury and disability caused by the work injury, the Social Security Administration considers any other type of condition you may have that causes you to be disabled. As people get older, other conditions may limit their ability to perform their jobs.
  • A formula based on what you were earning when you were working may reduce or offset your Social Security benefit as a result of your workers compensation benefits, but you still could receive both.

3) Unemployment Benefits and Workers Compensation

  • A person could receive workers compensation and unemployment at the same time, such as when a person is no longer totally disabled, is only partially disabled, but still cannot perform the duties of their regular job, and their employer refuses to take them back on light duty and with restrictions.
  • Although workers compensation benefits will be reduced to a partial rate, a worker can apply for unemployment as long as he has earned enough work credits during the period leading up to his application for unemployment.
  • Collecting unemployment and workers compensation at a partial rate, can help pay the bills.

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