Advice for Selling a Home

Advice for Selling a Home

Are you looking for professional advice for selling a home? If you have never done this before, you may be confused as to what you should know.

Advice for Selling a Home | Getting Ready to Sell My House

When you’re considering selling your house, there are a few important things you should do. First and foremost, you should select a realtor you feel strongly about and talk to them about the steps you need to take as you begin the process. That conversation should entail the realtor obtaining information about recent comparable sales for you to consider so that you and the realtor can set an appropriate price at which to list your house.

You should also begin to gather certain important legal documents including the title search, survey, tax receipts, and any mortgage statement you may have. You may also want to assemble a year’s worth of utility bills and provide that information to your realtor to leave on the counter during open houses. That gives people a general idea of what costs will be associated with potentially purchasing your home.

In addition to speaking with the realtor, you’ll want to determine whether or not there are any repairs that should be completed before you list the house. You may want to put a fresh coat of paint on something or do other things to add some curb appeal in order to maximize your home’s perceived value. A realtor should be able to help you with all of those things. You may also want to speak with your attorney to gain an understanding of the real estate transaction itself before you enter into the contract, during the contract, and what happens at the end of the transaction.

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Advice for Selling a Home | Steps to Take

Selling one home and buying another creates a different set of complexities above and beyond a regular real estate transaction because two transactions are taking place simultaneously. The two transactions must follow a mirrored path in order to close on the same day and at the same time. Doing this requires a lot more work. It will be necessary to involve a different set of people who wouldn’t normally be needed in the case of simply selling a home. You now need to coordinate the efforts of the attorneys for the seller and buyer involved with your sale, as well as those involved with your purchase toward the goal of closing both transactions at the same time.

If that is impossible because, for example, you’re buying in one county and selling in another, you may have to consider some options, such as obtaining early entry into the home you’re purchasing and completing that transaction on a separate day, or delaying your purchaser’s occupancy of the home you’re selling to allow you to move a day or two after closing. Early entry and post-closing occupancy can be a bit tricky because everyone involved has to agree to it. You would essentially enter into a short-term lease agreement with the buyers of the home you’re selling to cover the days of post-closing occupancy during which you no longer own the home.

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