Injured at Work

Injured at Work

If you have been injured at work, you might be eligible for compensation. Our Buffalo worker’s compensation lawyers can help you with this tough legal process so you can focus on getting healthier.

Injured at Work | What to Do

When someone gets hurt at work, it’s always important to report the injury to your employer as quickly as possible. Although every workplace is different, the best approach is to give the employer written notice as soon as possible. However, that notice satisfies only what we call the notice requirement. It does not satisfy the claim filing requirement. To properly file a workers’ compensation claim, you must file a C-3 form with the workers’ compensation board.

To ensure proper filing of your claim, I would recommend that you call a workers’ compensation lawyer, have them properly complete that C-3 form for you, and get it filed. Also, if you’ve been hurt at work, seek medical treatment – and make sure to tell the doctor that you were injured at work. The doctor should then file a report with both the workers’ compensation insurance carrier and the workers’ compensation board. That gets the case up and running.

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Injured at Work | What Medical Bills are Paid

The general rule is that the workers’ compensation carrier pays for all medical treatment related to injuries caused by a work-related accident or occupational disease. Specifically, the workers’ compensation board works through certain medical treatment guidelines that set forth what treatment is covered. If your doctor wants to prescribe treatment that is not addressed in those guidelines, the doctor must apply for a variance to those guidelines. Using a form called an MG-2, the doctor explains why the treatment is needed, even though it’s contrary to the medical treatment guidelines.

If you have been injured at work, the benefits you receive will depend upon the extent of the injury and whether or not you can work. Our firm can help ensure that you receive the workers’ comp benefits you deserve.

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