Child Support with Joint Custody

Child Support with Joint Custody

Child Support with Joint CustodyAre you going through divorce and have questions about how things will turn out? Our divorce attorney explains how paying child support with joint custody works.

Child Support with Joint Custody | Do I Have to Pay Child Support If I Have Joint Custody?

I am often asked about child support obligations in cases of joint custody and the simplest response is that if yours is a joint custody arrangement with a primary residential parent, the primary residential parent will most likely receive child support. Other questions come from people who have a 50/50 shared access schedule with their children. They ask me whether they’ll have to pay child support, or if they’ll be receiving child support. In most of these cases, there will be a child support obligation. Often, the higher earning parent will have a child support obligation – even with a 50/50 shared time schedule.

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Child Support with Joint Custody | Child Support Obligations

Please don’t think asking for joint custody or asking for half of the time with your children will affect your obligation to pay child support or your right to receive child support. The courts tend to look at child support and custody as separate issues, and they will certainly not decide the custody situation based on its potential effect on child support. First and foremost, the needs of your child should be uppermost in your mind as you address your custody situation. It’s important to talk with an attorney because this complicated area may have a great impact on your children and your financial situation.

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