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Are you buying or selling property and want to learn more about the transfer of documents in a transaction? Watch this video and call us!

  • The completed title examination will identify – along with the standard transfer documents such as the deed and its supporting papers – any additional documents to be prepared by the seller’s attorney to effectuate the transfer of a clear title to the buyer.
  • Those documents may include affidavits relating to an estate, judgments involving people with names similar to that of the seller, or anything that affects the property’s boundary, such as a fence that might encroach over a boundary line.
  • Once those documents are finalized, they’re forwarded to the bank’s attorney who will prepare the bank’s loan package, and the process will progress toward closing.

Watch this educational video by Buffalo Real Estate Lawyer Richard H. Cole for guidance. If you have questions about your particular real estate transaction, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Download Our Free Real Estate Guide

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