Understanding Workers Comp

Understanding Workers Comp

Do you need help understanding workers comp? Whether you’re in Buffalo or anywhere else in the state, getting hurt at work can be extremely devastating. The loss of income, even for a short period of time, along with associated medical bills, can result in severe financial difficulties.

Understanding Workers Comp | Scheduled Loss of Use

As your attorneys, we obtain professional opinions for the scheduled loss of use for the affected body part, which corresponds with a dollar amount which is reduced by the amount of benefits previously paid. You receive a lump sum scheduled loss award, and are still protected for treatment necessitated by your accident. This is ultimately what workers’ compensation is. It is important to note that workers’ compensation does not pay for pain and suffering, or punitive damages.

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Understanding Workers Comp | Hire an Attorney

An individual with a workers’ compensation claim (also called a workman’s compensation or workers’ comp claim) should not rely on just any lawyer. He/she should be sure to retain an attorney who is familiar with both the substantive issues of workers’ compensation law and the procedural issues at the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Understanding Workers Comp | Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance exists to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation process does not always work as expected or isn’t enough to protect the employee fully. In these situations, an experienced legal team could give you the help you need. A general overview of workers’ compensation would be:

  • it pays a percentage of wages as long the disability lasts;
  • it covers all medical treatment related to the accident (including mileage to and from the doctor);
  • it pays a specified amount for permanent injuries to certain body parts once you reach your best possible level of recovery. This is referred to as reaching maximum medical improvement.

If you need any more help understanding workers comp, please call our Buffalo workers compensation lawyers today to schedule a consultation. Let us put your worries at ease.

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