Employee Work Injury

Every job bears with it the risk of a work injury, but some lines of work carry greater risks than others. The workforce in industries such as transportation, construction, and manufacturing experiences injuries at an elevated rate due to automobile collisions, mechanical malfunctions, and unsafe conditions. Workers who have sustained injuries while on the job often believe that they can sue their superiors for allowing the circumstances that caused the injuries, but this is not quite accurate. In the video below, workers’ compensation attorney Jerry A. Gambino discusses how injured employees can form their legal claims.

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Can I Sue My Employer If I Suffered a Work Injury?

When a person suffers a work injury, he or she cannot sue the employer. However, there may be a third party who can be sued. For example, if a truck driver is struck by another vehicle and injured while driving on his route for work, the truck driver will have a worker’s compensation case for his injuries. He will also have a potential lawsuit for negligence against the other car’s driver and owner for injuries sustained in the accident. Generally, it is not possible to sue an employer after sustaining a work injury. This where worker’s compensation comes into play. To learn more, contact our dedicated Buffalo Worker’s Compensation attorneys for dedicated representation.

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