Unmarried Partner Dies Without a Will

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Are you wondering what could happen if your unmarried partner dies without a will? Contact our Buffalo attorneys to get started on your case.

  • Unmarried longtime partners face certain challenges when one of them dies because, absent a will or specific provision for the surviving partner, that partner has no legal rights under that estate.
  • It’s very important that people in long-term relationships who choose not to marry create documentation to protect each other, including a will if they want their partner to have their assets.
  • They may also make certain the partner is entitled by putting them on the bank account or showing them as joint owner on a piece of property, ensuring their right to live there.
  • Powers of attorney and healthcare proxies are very important in enabling partners to handle each other’s affairs.
  • If you want your partner to be part of your healthcare process, provisions must be made. You must provide the appropriate documentation to be permitted to talk to doctors and participate in decision making.

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