How Bankruptcy Can Help You

The phrase “file for bankruptcy” can spark a shudder or a cold sweat in most of us who hear it. This is because bankruptcy has a negative connotation: it implies that a person has lost all her or his money and perhaps that this may have happened because of poor fortune or even poorer choices. However, this is a misconception, and bankruptcy can be an unexpected asset to those who have simply fallen on hard times financially. To learn more about how bankruptcy can help you, watch this educational video by experienced Buffalo Bankruptcy attorney Michael F. Barrett.

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How Bankruptcy Can Help You

Bankruptcy can be a powerful tool against your creditors. It can force them to stop contacting you. It can stop a lawsuit. It can protect you from a foreclosure or garnishment. It could even force a creditor to return a repossessed vehicle. Bankruptcy can do many positive things for you but, in order to take advantage of its benefits, you have to contact a bankruptcy professional who can evaluate your situation.

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