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Job Related Injury

Job Related Injury

Injuries sustained while at work often entitle the injured parties to financial recovery through the workers’ compensation program. If you have suffered a job related injury due to a hazardous condition in your place of work, be sure to watch attorney Jerry A. Gambino’s video below on how to file a workers’ compensation claim. Download […]

How Bankruptcy Can Help You

How Bankruptcy Can Help You | Bankruptcy Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

The phrase “file for bankruptcy” can spark a shudder or a cold sweat in most of us who hear it. This is because bankruptcy has a negative connotation: it implies that a person has lost all her or his money and perhaps that this may have happened because of poor fortune or even poorer choices. […]

Joint Custody Schedules

Joint Custody Schedules Family Law Attorney in Buffalo, NY

Schooldays vs. weekends. Holidays only. Every other weekend. Alternating weeks. These are but a few of the many possible joint custody schedules that two parents can decide to implement. Ultimately, custody is based on what is in the best interests of the children, and joint custody may not result in a perfectly even split between […]

Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

What to Expect When Selling Your Home Moving forward in life often involves letting go of the past, and this is easier to accomplish with some aspects than with others. Selling your home is a particularly tricky matter, as you must take a three-pronged approach to this challenge: you must find a new place to […]

New York Estate Planning Guide


Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, and Probate Whether you are looking to start the estate planning process for yourself or a loved one the New York Estate Planning Guide by Attorney Thomas Hewner is the perfect place to begin.  When you are ready to establish a plan, give our office a call to speak with one […]

New York Bankruptcy Guide

The New York Bankruptcy Law and Debt Relief Guide

Debt Reset On Your Terms: The New York Bankruptcy Guide When you have way too much debt and can’t escape its grip, you have a legal option to free yourself.  Attorney Michael Barrett is an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Buffalo and has created The New York Bankruptcy Guide to help you understand the options you have […]

New York Family Law Guide

New York Family Law Guide

Dealing with divorce or other family law situations like child custody and support can cause a lot of stress. The New York Family Law Guide by Buffalo Divorce Lawyer Donna Haslinger was created to help residents through the many dilemmas that are confronted along the journey. After braving the brutalities life flings your way, going […]

New York Real Estate Law Guide

New York Real Estate Law Guide

If you are buying or selling a home in Buffalo or WNY, you might be confused on what you should do.  It’s important to have someone direct you along the way. Buffalo Real Estate Attorney Richard Cole has created the New York Real Estate Law Guide to help you along the way with buying, selling, and […]

New York Workers’ Compensation Guide

New York Workers' Compensation Guide

Being injured at work can stir up enough stress and emotions for a lifetime. Fighting workers’ compensation alone can be a challenge that you shouldn’t go at alone. Buffalo Workers’ Comp Attorney Jerry Gambino has written the New York Workers’ Compensation Guide to help lead you in the right direction. Coping With Workplace Injuries “Write […]