Why You Need to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

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Are you or a loved one considering bankruptcy? Watch this educational video by Buffalo Bankruptcy Lawyer Michael F. Barrett on why you should hire a bankruptcy attorney to navigate you through the bankruptcy process. If you have questions about bankruptcy and debt relief options, contact us to schedule a consultation with a dedicated Buffalo bankruptcy attorney. We welcome the opportunity to help you on your road to financial recovery. 

  • Although, technically, you do not need an attorney to file for bankruptcy, the practicalities of the process dictate otherwise.
  • Once you decide to file for bankruptcy, it is to your advantage to seek the experienced help of legal counsel.
  • If you file on your own without a full understanding of the law, you could make errors that subject you to harsh consequences including loss of property, forfeiture of your right to obtain a bankruptcy discharge.
  • Failure to provide all necessary information correctly could even result in prosecution by the US Trustee’s Office and the FBI.

Download Our Free Bankruptcy Law Guide

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